Lay-By Terms and Conditions

LAYBY SERVICES by ( phone only & For Australian Residents )

You can Layby products from Aussie Rc Semi Trucks and Trailers so that you can spread the payment over a number of weeks, by giving us a call.


Layby is available on purchases of $100 or more. A 20% deposit of the total of the layby is required. Regular weekly or fortnightly payments must be made. The last payment must be made before the due date, which is stated on your invoice.

Can I cancel my layby?
Yes, you can cancel your layby at any time and all monies will be refunded except a 15% service fee

Your layby will be ordered and shipped?
Once the total amount has been paid off and before the due date.

Our in Layby terms and conditions are as follows:

Layby is available on an 8 week term and must be paid in full.

Fullfilement date
Laybys wil be sent when final payment is made

Minimum Value
Layby is available on purchases of $100 or more.

A 20% deposit of the total of the layby is required on each layby.

Regular fortnightly or Weekly payments must be made

Failure to make payments when they are due or failure to pay laybys by the due date will be treated as cancellation of the layby by the customer. In these instances, the customer will be entitled to a refund of the monies paid, less a termination fee of 15% service fee.

Non Modification
Individual items may not be added, removed or separated from a layby.

Refunds for layby deposits or payments will be refunded using the original payment method.


  • Information collected for a layby transaction will be used for the purpose of processing your layby and may also be provided to third parties, to send reminders via letter, SMS or email.


Customers by accepting this payment you acknowledge these terms and conditions.